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Stage warp Blog

Come one, come all!
By Eddie Kunz
Come one come all to the new Stage Warp blog! Our blog will be short easy to read posts covering all aspects of theater. The goal is to inform all who read in our community about the ins and outdo if theater! We also hope to share some ideas and tips with actors both new and old. Outlined below are some of the general topics these blogs will be about.
Tips and tricks: These blogs will give tips and tricks on various topics relating to theater. The hope is that they will help the reader just as much as they’ve helped us!
History: These blogs will share interesting facts relating to theater throughout its long history. From myths to true stories, the focus will be to spread the legacy of theater as we ourselves add to it!
Myths and legends: These blogs will explore the folklore and stories past on from generation to generation.
Join us for blogs from these topics and many more to come! Come one come all!

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