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Stage warp Blog

1. Come one, come all!
By Eddie Kunz
Come one come all to the new Stage Warp blog! Our blog will be short easy to read posts covering all aspects of theater. The goal is to inform all who read in our community about the ins and outdo if theater! We also hope to share some ideas and tips with actors both new and old. Outlined below are some of the general topics these blogs will be about.
Tips and tricks: These blogs will give tips and tricks on various topics relating to theater. The hope is that they will help the reader just as much as they’ve helped us!
History: These blogs will share interesting facts relating to theater throughout its long history. From myths to true stories, the focus will be to spread the legacy of theater as we ourselves add to it!
Myths and legends: These blogs will explore the folklore and stories past on from generation to generation.
Join us for blogs from these topics and many more to come! Come one come all!

2. What are some tips for doing a virtual audition?
By Eddie Kunz:
Starting during the height of the pandemic, virtual auditions, went from something that would be done on occasion, to the new normal. This has led many actors to question. What are some tips for sending in a virtual audition? Below we have outlined just a few things that you can keep in mind next time you were sending in a virtual audition.
1.Do several takes. The best part about virtual auditions is that you get more than one chance. There is no fear of making a mistake because if you do, you can just stop the video and start again. Be sure to do the best that you can, but then send in the one that you think is the best take. Relax and record!
2.Have a solid colored background. Make sure that your background does not distract from your performance having a solid color like white or black might be best. This will also make it look more professional overall. 
3.Use visual cue to help your memory. Whatever you are looking at behind the camera can help you with your monologue. If you use a visual cue as a reminder, then that will allow you to be put at ease about memorizing the monologue. Set up some things behind the camera that you can look at that will help you remember your monologue. This can ease the burden of having to memorize.
4.Be sure to film in an area with good acoustics. The way that you sound is important. Be sure that the audio quality of your audition is good, so that you can fully show what you are capable of to the directors. If you keep these tips in mind, and you do your best, you'll have done a virtual audition!

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